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博士后冯世杰运动导向的高速三维测量论文发表于Optics Express

发表时间:2019-07-10 00:00作者:冯世杰来源:SCILab网址:

  近日,本实验室博士后冯世杰在条纹投影领域的文章Motion-oriented high speed 3-D measurements by binocular fringe projection using binary aperiodic patterns被Optics Express接收!

Shijie Feng, Qian Chen, Chao Zuo, Tianyang Tao, Yan Hu, and Anand Asundi, "Motion-oriented high speed 3-D measurements by binocular fringe projection using binary aperiodic patterns," Opt. Express 25, 540-559 (2017).[PDF]


Fringe projection is an extensively used technique for high speed three-dimensional (3-D) measurements of dynamic objects. To precisely retrieve a moving object at pixel level, researchers prefer to project a sequence of fringe images onto its surface. However, the motion often leads to artifacts in reconstructions due to the sequential recording of the set of patterns. In order to reduce the adverse impact of the movement, we present a novel high speed 3-D scanning technique combining the fringe projection and stereo. Firstly, promising measuring speed is achieved by modifying the traditional aperiodic sinusoidal patterns so that the fringe images can be cast at kilohertz with the widely used defocusing strategy. Next, a temporal intensity tracing algorithm is developed to further alleviate the influence of motion by accurately tracing the ideal intensity for stereo matching. Then, a combined cost measure is suggested to robustly estimate the cost for each pixel and lastly a three-step framework of refinement follows not only to eliminate outliers caused by the motion but also to obtain sub-pixel disparity results for 3-D reconstructions. In comparison with the traditional method where the effect of motion is not considered, experimental results show that the reconstruction accuracy for dynamic objects can be improved by an order of magnitude with the proposed method.