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【NJUST】NJUST Co-Hosts icOPEN 2023

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Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST) recently cohosted the 10th International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering (icOPEN 2023), which ran from 27th November through 1st December in Singapore. Nearly 200 professors, young scholars, and graduate students gathered from around the world to share the latest research and exchange views on optical and photonic engineering. Professor Chao Zuo, Researcher Jing Han, Associate Professors Shijie Feng, Jiasong Sun, and Dongliang Zheng, along with 19 other representatives from NJUST, attended the conference.


The conference was kickstarted with the opening ceremony chaired by Prof. Anand Asundi, Chairman of d’Optron and General Chair of icOPEN 2023. He highlighted the conference as an ideal platform for discussing the latest advancements in the field and exploring new avenues for the development of optics. Prof. Kemao Qian, Co-chair of icOPEN 2023, delivered a welcoming address, briefly outlining the agenda and extending a warm welcome to all participants.



The following plenary session was co-chaired by Fang Cheng, Deputy Director of Research and Development at ARTC, and Professor Chao Zuo from NJUST. Plenary speeches were delivered by Professor Peter de Groot, Vice Chairman of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), Professor Pascal Picart from Le Mans Université in France, Rachel WON from Springer Nature Group in the United Kingdom, and Professor Xiaoyuan He from Southeast University, China. These remarks facilitated interactive discussions among attendees.


The conference featured 28 sub-sessions. Professors Chao Zuo, Yongtao Liu, Dongliang Zheng, and Jing Han chaired sessions on “Quantitative Phase Imaging”, “Biomedical Optics and Imaging”, “3D Shape Measurement Based on Fringe Projection”, and “Imaging Through Scattering Media and Non-line-of-sight Imaging”, respectively. These academic presentations fostered knowledge exchange and laid the groundwork for future academic collaborations and research.


The conference also included a student competition. NJUST doctoral students Jiaming Qian, Yixuan Li, and Habib Ullah showcased their prowess in the field of optics, securing one second prize and two third prizes. The award ceremony, combined with around-table dinner, was presided over by Associate Professor Shijie Feng from NJUST.


One of the highlights of the conference was the exhibition. Aimed at highlighting the cutting-edge research and technical prowess of the participants, the organizing committee invited an array of top-tier technology platforms. In this vibrant setting, the delegation from NJUST showcased two groundbreaking inventions: a multimodal quantitative phase microscope and a lensless holographic microscope, both collaborative projects between the Smart Computational Imaging Research Institute of NJUST and NJUST. These inventions drew considerable attention, sparking animated discussions and eliciting valuable, constructive feedback from the attendees.


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